What is JTO?

“JTO” – “Junior Telecom Officer,” a career slot available by one of India’s predominant categories in the communications and technology trade or BSNL. A number of educated people in India seek for the JTO slot to be slice of the massive call midpoint.
A Graduate person does not automatically become a JTO officer. There are certain stages to be faced and skillfully faced before they are offered this slot. The typical age limit for the JTO position is considered to be in between the range of 21 years to 28 years.


In Manifold, we train our students to face this exam with supreme confidence as we pass all our experience onto our students so that they do not fall of confidence and motivation at any point. We consider each of our student’s success as the success of our own.


The time scheduled for JTO exam is generally three hours. We train our students exquisitely by offering them questions that are exclusively crafted by us which blends the general intelligence questions and the engineering department questions alike.




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