Importance of Time Management in Competitive Exams

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Importance of Time Management in Competitive Exams

GATE exams are truly the gateway to a million opportunities. Grabbing seats for higher studies at prestigious universities to internships and job offers at government institutions are only the tip of an iceberg. Getting higher ranks by joining the best institute for Gate coaching shall indeed be a life-changer skyrocketing your career goals.

However, is grabbing the ideal rank easy? Of course, not! Aspirants try to learn as much as they can with our GATE exam online coaching. They are also constantly looking into the preparation tips for GATE exams to make the toil easier. But what we need is proper management of time.

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What is Time Management?

Time management is a very smart technique of organizing, planning and exercising your work over your value of time. For any aspirants preparing for competitive exams, practicing Time management make work smarter, by deriving maximum results from the minimum time available. It helps you in scheduling your time depending on the activities in hand so that all the work is completed in the provided time even if performed under pressure. i.e.. When time is managed well, you will benefit in all areas of life.

As we have already said that the greatest virtue of a GATE aspirant is consistency and time management, this article shares a few time management tips to take you through GATE exams or other competitive exams.


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Before beginning the preparation

Analyse your requirements of the day

As one of the best preparation tips for GATE exams we advise aspirants to begin early. Time management involves the students mapping their study curriculum of GATE exams and other necessary chores of life. It shall help them plan the day and cover the maximum syllabus.

Generate a Time Table

Time Table is considered the best tool for preparing for any competitive exam. Yet halfway through our GATE exam preparation, we tend to forget the schedule, which becomes the biggest glitch in time management. The only remedy is to create a realistic plan where students have ample time to rest and study.

During the preparation

Know your subjects

The best time management strategy for students is to allot the required time to various subjects. Take a keen look into your subjects and the syllabus. Keep ample time for the strong areas so that you get better and revise suitable. Then ensure that you allot more time to the weaker genres so that each chapter becomes thorough.

Manage time with previous year question papers

After completion of subjects and thorough revision, begin attempting mock tests and previous years question papers. You shall learn to manage time in the exam hall and could solve the maximum questions. Previous years question papers shall highlight your weaker sections, and you can revise them for a stronghold.

In the Exam hall

Be it any competitive exam, including GATE exams, students are bound to become nervous even with the best preparation. Hence, learning a few time management tricks to follow in the hall is crucial.

  • Pack your essentials, including a pen, pencil, eraser, admit card etc., the night before the examination.
  • Reach the centre of examination at least 30 minutes before the specified time.
  • Once you receive the question paper, spend 5 to 10 minutes reading it.
  • During the reading period, determine the sequence of questions to be answered
  • Relax for a few seconds after each answer
  • Ask for extra sheets beforehand to avoid wasting time
  • Answer the easy questions first and then carry forward to the rest
  • Ensure that you have answered all the questions
  • Spare at least 5 minutes to recheck the answers and rectify if any



Each one of us have goals in our life of cracking the GATE or other competitive exams. Preparing any of these exams requires thoughtful time management. We must cherish our goals and use our time in a manner that brings us closer to our goals.

Along with this, make sure to prepare well for GATE exams with the best Gate online coaching center in Kerala so that the basics are clear to you.  If you can master the above schedules and stick on to it until the end, you can mould yourself into an ideal person that we all dream of.

If you have any more queries regarding the importance of time management we would love to hear from you.

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